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As the legendary Bobby Jones once said, "There is golf, and there is TOURNAMENT GOLF !

Surprising in its Simplicity

Surprising in its SimplicityThe Weekly Challenge Golf Tour was organized and founded in late 1989, by Dr. James Griseto, a retired dentist. With enthusiasm and determination, he promoted an idea that was not readily available to the average golfer in most areas: the thrills and excitement of playing golf competitively in accordance with USGA rules, within a strict professionally-managed, tournament format.

Single day 18 hole tournaments, on top quality golf courses, are open to both men and women golfers in the 0 to 36 handicap range. Members may play as an amateur for prizes and gift certificates, maintaining their Amateur status - or - play as a non-amateur for prizes and cash awards. Golf in this format, with fair competition, is truly a unique experience.

The WCGT is managed by a group of enthusiastic golfers dedicated to a concept that provides fair, competitive golf events for the average golfer. While the membership is open to all skill levels, the majority of players are in a range of six to sixteen in handicap index. A strictly enforced handicap process is maintained for all members, using only WCGT scores for maintaining and updating handicap factors.

How much does it cost to join the WCGT?

Individual Member players Tour card is $150.

Returning Member players Tour card is $125 (Must have been member last year)

The WCGT tour card fee pays for the current season, and allows you to choose from the events offered to create your own unique Tour schedule. You may play as many or as few events as you wish.

Membership Fees include all closest to the pin entries.

To be invited to play in the Tournament of Champions, you must win or tie for first in an event and complete a minimum of six events.

$How much does it cost to play each event?
Tournament fees per event include the green fee, cart fee, range balls at most tournaments, prize pool of $45 per tournament and $5 Tournament of Champions prize pool contribution, and an administration fee of $29. Administration fee is $39 if reservation is made less than 10 days before the event. Total fees do not change if you choose to walk in an event instead of using a cart. Most golf courses will require a cart for all players in a large group.

handicap img.What is a verifiable handicap?
Along with your application you can submit a copy of your most recent verifiable handicap card as proof of your handicap. Any other league year-end score sheets may be submitted, and we will advise you if they are acceptable. We do contact your home course or other golf organization or association that computed your handicap for verification of your current handicap.

don't have handicapWhat do I do if I don't have a handicap?
When you submit your application, you must also submit 5 of your most recent scorecards, which accurately represent the game you play.  They must be signed by a player in your foursome, or your home course pro, attesting that this is your range of normal scoring in a round of golf. You can not schedule a qualifying round until we receive your scorecards.

Then the 1st event you choose to play in is your qualifying round. Your entry fee will be $45 less (the prize money), because you cannot win any prize money in a qualifying round. A qualifying round does not count as a round played in your stats. This round and the five score cards are used to establish your handicap index which will become applicable to your next round.

false scorecardsSubmitting false scorecards
If it is determined by the players council that a new member has submitted false scores, that players handicap will be adjusted to an appropriate skill level or if extreme their membership may be revoked.

For an explanation of handicap adjustment per tournament ask for the WCGT Handicap System flyer or read about our proprietary Handicap System on this web site.

Amateur versus Non-Amateur
Whether you are Amateur or Non, if you win $600 or more in the season as a WCGT player your winnings must be declared to the IRS and you will receive a 1099 form. Therefore, we must have a social security number on file for you or we cannot give you your winnings.

Non-Amateur is a player who accepts cash for their winnings. We use this term, to prevent the mistaken conclusion that only very good players can be professionals.

If you plan to play as an Amateur in any other events or amateur tours, you must remain an Amateur in the WCGT. No more than $750.00 in prizes may be taken in any one event, by an amateur (Hole-In-One Prizes are exempt from that limitation by USGA Rule). If you do so, you automatically loose your amateur status. Amateurs have an extensive list of retailers from which they may choose to redeem their winnings. or they may apply their winnings toward future tournament entry fees.

How do I make reservations and payments for events?
Reservations may be made for any event prior to 10 days before the event. Reservations may be made by filling out the reservation form on the web site, by phone, fax or at any event.
>>All reservations are confirmed in writing to each member.

All members with credit cards will be charged $10 deposit for each event reserved, at the time the reservation is made to hold their spot in the event. If you authorized the credit card to automatically pay for event fees, then the balance of an event will be charged to your credit card 10 days prior to the event date.

When you sign up without a credit card on file, in addition to submitting payment equal to $10 for each tournament entered, you must include an escrow check for $200 to insure that final payment for each tournament will be made 10 days before the event. The balance of the total fee (after deducting the $10 deposit) is due 10 days prior to each event date. If the escrow amount on file is used for payment of the event, the $200 amount must be replenished before the next event payment is due. Unused credit balances will be applied to your account for the following season or will be refunded to you at the end of the golf season at your direction.

importantIMPORTANT NOTE: If your credit card is declined, or payment is not received 10 days before the event, you may be removed from that event for non payment. Your reservation may be given to a member on standby who has an authorized credit card or escrow check on file.

What do you mean by standby in an event?
We usually have enough available tee times for all members who want to play. Occasionally, there will be more demand than available spots. This will create a standby list of players to be next into the event when a cancellation occurs. Our past experience with our players is that there are always last minute cancellations for a number of reasons. If you are notified that you are on standby for an event, don’t panic! We will let you know when an opening occurs. To avoid overbooking, the $10 reservation fee will not be refunded for changing a reservation or cancellations!

If a player is on the standby list and does not get to play in the event, the $10 deposit will be credited toward their next event.

cancelHow do I cancel a reservation?
A reservation may be canceled 10 days or more prior to the event date.  All cancellations are confirmed in writing. Cancellations may be made by filling out a form on the web site, by phone, fax or at any event. The $10 deposit will be forfeited, but any other prepaid or charged amounts will be credited toward your next event. Cancellations by a member between 9 days and 4 days prior to a tournament date will result in a refund of 50% of the original prepaid entry fee. Cancellations by a member 3 days or less prior to a tournament date will result in a forfeiture of the entire, prepaid entry fee regardless of whether you are replaced in the tournament.

awardWhat kind of prize money was won last year?
The average 1st place winnings in 2019 was $210.97

Top money winner in 2019 – Dean Kirchoff - $1,7215.00
Seven (6) players (8%) earned over $1,000.00 or more in 2019 - (23) Players (31%) earned $500 or more and (36) Players (49%) earned $250.00 or

Over $2,551,630.00 has been paid out in prizes and purse money
over the last 30 years for an average of $85, 054.33.00 per year.

prize moneyHow is prize money paid out?
For each event each player pays $45 into the prize pool (this is part of the total fee). By multiplying the total players by $45 you can quickly tell the size of pools. (Updated info available at each event). The tournament entry fee also includes an $5 fee whch is depositied in the Tournament of Champions prize pool.

The playing field of each event is broken into 2 or 3 classes as even in number of players as possible. This permits spreading out the prize money evenly to 30% of the players.The more players in a flight, the larger the prize pool. Ties are split evenly after first place.

How do you break ties?
A scorecard playoff settles ties for 1st place only. Looking at the hardest hole on the course, whoever shot the lowest NET wins, the second person is ranked tie for 1st, and qualifies for the TOC, but wins 2nd place money.

A tie in any other place splits the prize money for those places. For example a two-way tie for 4th would be called a tie for 4th and split 4th + 5th place money. The next in line after that would be called 6th and win 6th place money.

prizeHow do I get my prize?
For non-amateurs a check is attached to your scorecard at your next event. Amateurs must fill out a claim form letting us know how they wish their winnings paid out. Many department stores and pro-shops are available from which to choose. Amateurs usually receive their selected gift certificates at the first tournament after they select the type of certificate they would like. The certificates are then attached to your next scorecard. Amateurs who have their gift certificates mailed will pay a $10 certified mailing fee which will be deducted from the total gift certificate amount.


What is the average: size of the fields & start time?
Last year the fields ranged from 18 to 36,
with an average number of 27 players.
In 2019 events will be consecutive tee times starting in the mornings or early afternoons. No shotgun starts. Tee times span over a 1 to 3 hour range and the field will play in foursomes or threesomes if the course allows.

What tees do you play from?
To make distances fair, yet challenging, and at a length that provides speed of play, there will be two sets of tees for men: approximately 6,100 yards and approximately 6,500 yards for men. There will be a set of tees available for women at approximately 5,400 yards. All men will be able to select the set of tees from which they will compete (6,100 or 6,500) while women can select from any of the three sets of tees. Of course, the tees selected will impact your course handicap. Any player may opt to change their tee selection once each season after completing 3 tournaments. Regardless of the tees selected, a players course handicap cannot excedd a maximum of 36.

What handicap class will I play with?
All the classes are mixed in a foursome or in some instances, a threesome during play. Our goal is to help people meet other new players throughout the year, and play consistently good courses, at a good pace of play. We have always been the Tour for the average player, and we treat everyone the same, no matter what your handicap index.

What about walking?
Event fees are set at one price only as many courses require carts for large groups. On courses that do allow walking, those that wish to walk may do so, but there is no cart fee refund. We appreciate it if you let us know along with your reservation, whether you will be walking, so we can pair you with another walker if possible.

Can I bring a caddie or gallery?
To find out about walking, caddies and gallery, check out the Course Information sheet at the check-in desk for every event. It tells you most everything you want to know about all the courses on the Tour schedule. We appreciate you're letting us know if you plan on bringing a caddie or gallery.

WCGT & most courses do not allow gallery or caddies under the age of 13.

Caddies of members must adhere to the WCGT Dress Code. ( See Dress Code Information in the handbook )

Caddies: Courses that allow caddies fall into 3 classes: 1) you both walk 2) you or your caddy must walk, and the other ride 3) caddies are available at some of the courses, if you reserve ahead.

Galleries: Those courses that do allow gallery fall into 2 classes: Your gallery must walk behind your foursome and not disrupt play. Or your gallery must ride with an additional fee for the other cart.

Hold Harmless Statement Caddies and galleries that accompany you on the course must sign this form before the event begins. It states that the WCGT and the golf courses are not responsible for your safety on the course. No one is allowed out without signing such a form.

Tee times for each event are on the WCGT Web site 48 hours before each event.

Results of each event are on the Web Site 24 hours or less (usually much sooner) after the end of each event.

Our computer randomly assigns tee times. We don't accept special requests for pairings, however, if you call enough in advance (4 days minimum), we will try and usually can accommodate special needs, such as a late tee time due to work / or early for a wedding, etc. We do watch for abuse in this area, and will bring such behavior up to the player’s council for review.

rainWhat do you do if it rains?
We do play as long as the course remains playable, so come prepared no matter what the weather conditions.

Who keeps you moving?
We have On Course Technology "Pace Monitors" for each foursome that tells at a glance where you should be on the course letting you know if you are on pace or behind. Everyone must keep moving and help their foursome keep up with the group in front of them to maintain a 4- hour pace. The marshals, placed throughout the course will inform groups if they are falling behind the group in front of them. If a consistently slow player or group is found, they will be warned, followed by the head marshal and penalized if necessary. The WCGT does issue slow play penalties during events for players or groups who can not maintain the pace with the group in front of them. Marshals are not there for rules of golf, members are expected to know those! A player who will not keep up pace of play after receiving a letter about slowness, will be set at the end of tee times until their pace picks up.

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